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Mr. Rogers, the Sartorial Pimp.

In Fashion on October 31, 2011 at 10:27 am

There’s comes those rare moments in ones life when the conscious becomes the subconscious, and the subconscious makes it way to the forefront. With the help of some horrible weather, collegiate insomnia, and some epiphany – one realizes it’s easy to over analyze what makes something great; forgetting its roots, unappreciative of the stem from which the idea blossomed. But then again, this is a post about fashion my reader friend… highlighting Americas most cherished neighbor at that, Mr. Fred Rogers.

Mr. Rogers was an iconic figure in television, representing an idea of possibilities. He was an advocate for the perseverance of innocence, all while campaigning the metamorphosis of intellectual empowerment – unfortunately, he is not on anyone’s list of the sartorial elite.

However, this Christian man, probably sent special order from the higher source above, always kept his classic white button shirts starched and bowtie’s crisp underneath those ever changing cardigans as tight as his morals, and not to mention his vocals. But my reader friend were not here to bask in the light of Mr. Rogers voice of reason – who instilled the importance of tying my shoe tight enough, I’m here to remind you that what’s going on in Europe and resurging in the fashion world is nothing new. From the cardigan with the trousers, the Penny Loafers without socks, or Penny Loafers with socks to match the zippered sweater, to the overall “Virginal” look…not one thing bypassed Mr. Rogers.

An iconic style that still is as classical and timeless as the first time he was introduced in our homes. A style that would find you taking down that hot girls number at the park, because your choice of clothing simply expands beyond the horizon of her close minded society of snapbacks and Gucci belts. This is the same type of clothing that would make your momma proud to be sitting next to you at church on Sunday morning…after the club.

Here, at the affair were not saying dress like an elderly man from Pennsylvania with hopes to change the world; all we’re saying is style repeats itself. They say trends come and go in one big circle, but no medium of art is as blatantly obvious as fashion.

I’ll just leave this creepy, yet nostalgically satisfying picture of Mr. Rogers here for my own enjoyment. Carry on with your day people…

John Hurtado (@Mr_Hurtado)

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