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No “Butts” About It!

In Life! on September 8, 2011 at 12:06 am

“Apple Bottom”, “Fatty”, “Donkey”…overall just a big ole’ ass! Women of color and African Americans especially were coined these terms for their ample asset. Glorified by man, publicized in videos, and envied by other women – the bottom has become a prime focus of many, but why? Does it hold some type of power or make you powerful? Maybe it just adds to your beauty and makes you feel better about yourself. More commonly, some women nowadays opt for injections of silicone or fat into each cheek to get a “perfect” behind. They go from pancake flat to Nicki Minaj round (whose booty is always questionable). Many of the women that grace the covers of male-oriented magazines have gotten some type of help to create that image other than photoshop. What do you think about the booty phenomenon? Is it a healthy or degrading fixation?

Check out Wale’s “Fairytale” about how he feels about oversized altered bottoms:


Good luck finding jeans….

Iman! (Ayana_Iman)

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