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In Fashion, Features on June 21, 2011 at 5:56 pm

Tears Of Beaumont, sounds like a title off an 80′s soundtrack , you play while cruising in your classic Pontiac Firebird. On the other hand, it is a brand known for its high-quality aesthetic and dapper wear for gentlemen. It brings a touch of class to today’s modern man with hand-made garments and everlasting style. Get Acquainted.

When was Tears Of Beaumont founded? Tears of Beaumont is a fairly recent expedition by creative director and co-owner Jayson Ruiz Palacio. The brand was officially established on Jayson’s 24th birthday October 8th, 2010. So it’s still very much in its pre-natal stages in life.

Would you describe T.O.B. as a lifestyle brand? No, but in a way, yes. The brand’s take on fashion is more composition and art form. Like many other brands Tears of Beaumont utilizes a theme and story to tie together each season. But instead of leaving the consumer with visual lookbooks foretelling a lifestyle relevant to the consumer, we present alongside with the lookbook a series of videos to coincide with the season, to give the viewer or consumer more intimacy with each season. Kind of like a movie, the viewers know the characters, but what makes you feel emotion behind the movie? A series of events, the plot, the environment, the climax, etc.

Your garments are hand-made; does that make it harder to produce quality  pieces in short spurts of time? Not necessarily, it just gives us the freedom to dictate how many pieces we want to produce per season and oversee the production process and fix problems hands on. If it’s not of high-quality standards, its not us.

Some pieces from the Season One collection remind me of James Dean. Were you inspired by the 1950’s?I love the fifties, clothes back then were so rugged, strong, and hand made. As far as inspiration, I guess you can say there was a bit of influence from that era in my head when designing the collection.


Are women’s clothing in the near future? Yes, but definitely more endogenous than an actual women’s wear collection. I have always been a big fan of how men’s clothes draped on a women’s body.

What celeb embodies the style of your collection? To be quite honest, I’m not really sure, I don’t really keep up with celebrities.

Where can people buy your clothing? Will it be sold exclusively online or are you considering a flagship store? We’re working on developing the website’s ecommerce store-front so people can purchase it directly from us. We will be selling our items through a smaller set of niche stores as well. These updates will all be posted via Ideation Chamber (Blog) and Twitter when available.

When can we expect the next collection? The next collection’s already in my head. Matter of fact the next 3 seasons are lingering in there somewhere. As far as when we plan on doing another presentation for them, just wait and see. We’re still trying to perfect everything for everyone in Season one.

Check out more pics of the Season One Collection:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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