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“Beat That Face” M.U.A Tinisee Buckman

In Beauty, Features, Life! on February 11, 2011 at 4:22 pm

Tinisee Buckman, is the next legendary beauty go-to guru! He’s fresh, hip, and always making his way to the next photo-shoot. TVIA approved? You better believe it…find out why women and the “in-betweens” are beating down his door for a luxurious make-over.

Place of origin:

Monrovia, Liberia; but I now call Trenton, NJ home

Age of choice:


TVIA: You are very talented; what are some of your artistic abilities?

Tinisee: I dance, draw, paint, but I’m most know as a makeup artist. Call me a modern renaissance man.

TVIA: Being deeply rooted in the arts do you see the world differently?

Tinisee: Yes, the arts let me see the world in a completely different way. I have a hippie mentality most of my inspiration comes from the world. From war, nature, the lights, and all the textures that we live in. To be an artist I feel like you will never lose sight of the many details in life that most people look pass “One blade of grass is as important as the field it grows in”.

TVIA: How did you fall into makeup artistry?

Tinisee: Well this is a story for the makeup books. I never really planned at all in my life to be a makeup artist. I was working at the local mall and while on break my co-worker and I decided to visit the M.A.C counter. I didn’t know what M.A.C was but the atmosphere was really cool. We were greeted by really good music and women with the most gorgeous eye makeup. I didn’t even know people could do things like that to their eyes. It was almost like magic! Needless to say M.A.C became my favorite break time excursion. I would always play with the shadows and see how they would look on my hands.

I became friends with the girls at the counter and the manager asked me if I wanted to work at the counter, “ME a makeup artist?”, I told her that I didn’t know one thing about makeup but she still insisted on giving me an application. I filled it out but was very skeptical if I could do the job. So I studied M.A.C’s brand from beginning to end. A month later I became the newest makeup artist for M.A.C cosmetics. Not really a “Dream come true, but Destiny” .

TVIA: What are some of the celebrities you’ve worked with? How was the experience?

Tinisee: I’ve worked with Dawn Richard (Dirty Money), Mz. Berry (For the Love of Ray J), R&B sensation Jazmine Sullivan and celebrity design duo the Sachika Twins. The experience was really great; to know that I was doing makeup for someone who was known by thousands is priceless. It felt a bit surreal, but when I’m doing their makeup it’s the same as doing makeup for my regular clients “ just another face to beat” (lol). I make sure I do my best work on every face I interact with. I’m a perfectionist so everyone gets the A-List treatment.

TVIA: What’s one beauty product every girl should carry in her purse?

Tinisee: Blotting Films: you never know when your skin might get oily so keep a pack of them in your purse. They are sold at any makeup store and even Forever 21.

TVIA: When “styling a face” what do you love to do more: Beauty or Theatrical?

Tinisee: I love them both for different reasons but I can’t say I like one more than the other. Beauty makeup let’s me learn more about makeup and how fascinating the skin is; plus how much work goes into creating natural beauty.

Theatrical makeup lets me dive into my inner artist, I can make my dreams come to life. I love the idea of transforming someone. With makeup I never feel limited.

TVIA: What are some tips to those who want to “beat the face”?

Tinisee: Explore your face and know your canvas before you start to work on it. Find out if you are oily, dry, or combination. Prime your skin every inch of it: No matter how many brands tell you “it’s natural”, you must protect your skin.

TVIA: The readers would love to know your favorite products to use?

Tinisee: Makeup Forever Flash Colors: I can use it for anything from: body painting to lining an eye. It’s my partner in crime. DUO lash adhesive is the only lash glue in my kit and the best on the market. MAC Cosmetic’s Prep + Prime Skin is amazing for prepping your skin for a flawless finish.

TVIA: Who would be your ultimate celebrity dream makeover?

Tinisee: RuPaul…She is my diva!

TVIA: Have you ever traveled outside the country for work yet? If not, would you like to?

Tinisee: I have not, but I would love to travel. The world is so big beyond the U.S. of A and it would be my dream to do makeup on every continent. It will happen if not now in the future.

TVIA: What’s next for MUA Tinisee Buckman?

Tinisee: World domination one face at a time (lol). Seriously; I would like to do more production like films and music videos; testing my skills on a higher level. I have faith that my goals will be reached even if I have to work even harder. I won’t stop until the world sees my work on a grandeur scale and that will be the mark of my true beginnings.

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