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Who is “Ari the Heiress”?

In Beauty, Events!, Fashion, Features, Life! on February 2, 2011 at 2:33 pm

Whether you know her as Ariana Pierce or Ari the Heiress the notorieties are always the same: Entrepreneur, Actress, Author, Daughter, and Friend. At 20 years old, Pierce is a Michigan native with one thing on her mind. Becoming a Mogul.

Author of 6 books, two of which she co-wrote with her mother; they all share the common theme of self-help and motivational passages. Her most recent one comes in the form of audio called “30 Days to Making It”; a great read for those who need guidance on the path to success.

Keeping up with the Joneses in this day and age means being accessible to the public i.e. creating websites to promote your brand. Aside from being a successful author Pierce is founder of The Billion Heir Club-a blog for all things new & trendy. Up next is, a website that markets clothing, jewelry, electronic accessories, handbags, and nail polish. Adding further to her repertoire she founded the Young People Success Conference when she was sixteen years old. Inspired by her mother Stacia Pierce’s various life coaching seminars and panels she wanted to offer the same to those in her age group. This past year Tyler James Williams of Everybody Hates Chris was in attendance, and spoke to the young people about his journey to becoming a successful actor.

Her most successful business venture Superstar Nail Lacquer is an environmentally friendly nail polish that is fast drying, and designed to match the trends on the runway. As a junior Marketing student at Michigan State University she uses her skills taught in class to further her business. When asked if any of her classmates are intimidated by her personal endeavors she said; “no, they support me” -refreshing to see people not hating on her grind BUT could you blame them…this girl rules!

To be at the top of the upper echelon you must not only act the part but also look it too. Effortlessly stylish Pierce is always dressed in the latest fashions…pumps and all. Some of her favorite beauty products include MAC makeup and a local favorite Essence Beauty Products; either way her makeup is always immaculate.

Next up Pierce plans on venturing out into the entertainment world. By the end of this year she plans on getting in the studio and starting her singing career. There really isn’t anything that this Heiress can’t or won’t do.

Cheers to all entrepreneurs follow Ms. Pierce on Twitter @AriTheHeiress

Von & Iman!

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